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AstraWeb's web site creation services.

We offer a full spectrum of affordably-priced Internet web site creation services including the following:
  • Page layout
  • HTML coding
  • Image scanning
  • Links to documents
  • Animated Gif images
  • Links to other web sites
  • Submission of your site to search engines
  • CGI scripting
  • Graphic design
  • HTML validation
  • E-mail response forms
  • Clickable image maps
  • Custom-designed backgrounds
  • Site management

AstraWeb has created over fifty web sites for a wide range of companies including Castrol, Total, Sasol, Vodacom and SuperSport. 

AstraWeb's Pricing Structure.

We are committed to offering you excellent value for money. It's known that some companies have been billed millions for construction of their web sites, and then have ended up with pages that are so filled with graphics that the average web surfer loses interest long before the site has finished loading.

AstraWeb creates sites that work! They load quickly, they score excellently in search engine results and they get responses from all over the world!

We cannot possibly quote prices for every possible web site permutation, but we can say that our rate for web page creation is R 200 per hour, and most of our sites cost no more than a few hundred Rands a month to host, irrespective of the number of hits received.

Please feel free to E-mail us and we will gladly arrange an itemised quotation tailored to your needs. If you're in the greater Johannesburg area, we'll even come to you and give you a no-charge presentation and enable you to make a more informed decision regarding your new web site.

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